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International Journal of Legal Expatiate

International Journal of Legal Expatiate is an open-access peer-review journal published Quarterly is associated with M/S Author Lens Publishers. This Journal aims to publish academic work that analyses important socio-legal challenges in the contemporary legal systems all around the world; The publication of empirical, doctrinal, and theoretical research by legal scholars; students; experts and academicians are encouraged by IJLE.

This journal aims to provide a world-class platform for academic exchanges in legal aspects as well as its neighboring areas, tapping into research on law, discourse analysis, linguistics, politics, semiotics, sociology and psychology. This journal invites contributions examining the interface of law and other disciplines; IJLE welcomes legal scholarship spanning across various fields including comparative and multi-disciplinary studies.

ISSN No.: 2583 - 7885 (On-line)
Starting year 2021
Format - Online/E-Journal
Subject Area - Law
Language - English

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Author Lens

About Publishers: M/s Author Lens was founded in 2022 and has built up a substantial collection of high-quality peer-reviewed international research journals in English, published in digital, print and Open Access formats.